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Timing Your Promotional Campaigns

Posted by Haley Courtney on

Strategizing the timing of your promotional efforts are just as important as the efforts themselves. Many marketing teams get so caught up in the campaign, they forget all the preexisting norms, trends, and habits of their current and potential customer base!

Here are a few things to consider in your next strategy meeting before unrolling a new product line or campaign:

  • What time of year is it? Is business usually booming around this time and doesn’t seem to be this year? Is business already exceeding your expectations during the season? These are things to consider before running a campaign meant to increase interest or traffic. If you seem to be doing well, don’t get ahead of yourself. Certainly, capitalize on the business you’re getting, but know when to recognize that you may be interrupting momentum rather than increasing it. In the same breath, if business seems to be dragging, this may be a perfect opportunity to catch your customer’s eye again!
  • Ask the same question again: what time of year is it? Is there a way for you to tie your campaign to a season, an annual event, or a holiday? Many products and services can be attached to or associated with different events and seasons, which means people will be looking during those times regardless of the existence of your campaign. Why not give them something else to find?

Once you answer those questions and start creating the campaign, do NOT forget results!

  • Have you already set up a way to track how effective the campaign will be compared to your regular marketing efforts? This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is so easy to get so wrapped up in the campaign that you forget to prepare for the results! It can be tough to tell if what you are doing is making any sort of significant difference without a way to analyze the clicks, shares, responses, and orders from your particular campaign. Not only will this keep you motivated throughout the campaign process, but will give you insights into what works and what to do next time.

Now go out there and get those orders! Best of luck on your next campaign!

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